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Endgame: An Evening with Derrick Jensen.

Wednesday November 17 2010

Venue: MacLaurin auditorium (A144)
Address: Univ. of Victoria
Cost: FREE

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Indigenous Governance and Social Justice Studies will be hosting acclaimed writer, Derrick Jensen (Endgame, The Culture of Make Believe) on November 17th, at 7:30p in the MacLaurin auditorium (A144).

Derrick will be discussing industrial civilization and the violence that it inflicts upon the natural world, as well as human communities. His premise is as profound as it is persistent: industrial civilization is inherently unsustainable. It has created a culture where trauma is normalized, where living beings become objects, and where the only relationship left is one of domination.

This event will address issues that are of the utmost importance to anyone concerned with environmental justice, especially as industrial civilization continues to actively destroy our indigenous cultures, communities, and landbases.

Please find attached the pdf poster for Derrick Jensen’s upcoming talk, “Endgame: An Evening with Derrick Jensen.”  

THIS IS A FREE EVENT, please feel free to disseminate.

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