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Vancouver, BC

World Community Film Festival at Langara

Doc fest featuring films like "Madre Tierra," "Grace, Milly, Lucy…Child Soldiers" and "Total Denial - Doe vs. Unocal"

Friday February 11 2011

Venue: Langara College
Address: Room A130 Langara College
Cost: $15/day

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It’s time to make a place for the heart in activism. When communities are fighting each other, they must listen to their hearts to overcome the animosity; it takes heart to work together to fight climate change; the heart soars when meaningful music carries it away. Passion is, in the end, the heart of the matter: the heart of what matters. CoDevelopment Canada’s partners are all passionate about what they do and what they believe in, whether it’s defending workers’ rights in Nicaragua, fighting for public education in Peru, or giving indigenous people a voice in Colombia.
The World Community Film Festival goes straight to the heart of the matter around the world, telling stories about communities and their passions. We hope their stories will inspire you to act in your community, for what you are passionate about.


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