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Electoral Reform - Rally

Friday May 6 2011

Venue: Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG)
Address: West Georgia St & Howe St
Cost: Free

Grassroots News:

Join us on Friday May 6th to show your concern about the current electoral system (FPTP)

This election exhibited clearly how irrational our electoral system is. Just consider the
fact that the Conservative party had a +1.8% vote change across Canada but it gained 20
seats and became the majority government of Canada. %40 of the voters chose the
Conservative party yet %60 percent wanted an alternative. Looking more closely at the
statistic reveals even more clearly the unfairness of the First-Past-The-Pole (FPTP)

There are alternative approaches that have been shown to be very successful in other
parts of the world (such as Australia). For example, instant-runoff voting is a much more
democratic system which allows the voters to project their opinions about political
parties in terms of array of preferences. For example, a person who votes for a Green
Party candidate is more likely to lean towards an NDP candidate as his/her second choice
than a Conservative Party candidate. Yet, FPTP system, distorts the will of the voters by
ignoring this array of preferences, which is the key element in a lively democracy.
We strongly think this should change. Canada can no longer tolerate such old and
irrational electoral system. Therefore, we are organizing a demonstration to raise
awareness about the flaws of FPTP, inform Election Canada about the opposition voices and
show the feasible alternatives.

Please let your friends know about the event.  More and more people need to express their
frustration with the electoral system and this is the only way a more just system can
come about.

Date: Friday, May 6th 2011
Time: 4:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm
Place: In front of Art Gallery, followed by a march towards Sinclair Centre

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