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Vancouver BC

Aviation Justice, the Climate Crisis and the Suppression of Dissent

Saturday October 29 2011

Venue: Sparticus Books
Address: 684 East Hastings Street
Cost: Free

Aviation Justice, the Climate Crisis and the Suppression of Dissent
> Location: Spartacus Books, 684 East Hastings Street Vancouver, Coast
> Salish Territory, BC V6A 1R1,
> Time: Saturday, October 29th, 5:00-7:00pm
> On October 29th, British and US environmental organizers Debi Wagner,
> John Stewart and Dan Glass will make a visit to Vancouver as part of
> the Aviation Justice Express tour, sharing the story of one of the
> most important climate victories of the past decade. They will explain
> how an unlikely coalition of local residents, environmentalists, and
> fiscal conservatives stopped plans for a third runway at London
> Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport. The tour is a culmination of a
> month long speaking tour and exposure of campaign strategy across both
> Canada and the United States, connecting struggles for environmental
> justice.
> The victory at Heathrow was the result of a clear strategy and the
> ability to forge an incredibly diverse coalition, with environmental
> direct action activists working right alongside conservative
> politicians. Even David Cameron, the new Conservative Prime Minister
> of the UK, was convinced to shut down the project. Stewart and Glass
> will describe the behind-the-scenes story of the coalition, which
> focused on climate change, noise, community destruction, and
> economics. Partly in response to their work, the new British
> government has moved away from the path of aggressive aviation growth.
> John is appearing virtually rather than in person due to their being
> barred from entry into the United States. On September 29, John, who
> does not have a criminal record and meets the requirements for the US
> Visa Waiver program, had his visa waiver rescinded mid-flight. He was
> questioned by the FBI, the Secret Service, and immigration for six
> hours at New York’s JFK Airport before being put back on a plane to
> London. This unwarranted behavior on the part of the government raises
> important issues regarding the suppression of political dissent.
> Please join us for this exciting event!
> More information is available at
> More information is available at

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