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2010 Olympics

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D.O.A. - Talk - Action = Zero. an interview with Mr. Shithead.

by Dan KellarAlex Hundert 2010 Olympics

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AW@L radio was lucky enough to catch up with Joey Keithley of DOA before the band played their anti-olympic show at the Rickshaw theatre in Vancouver on the 20th of February as anti-olympic protests were continuing through the city. Discussion includes the new album, the olympics, and tent city.


Also included in the show is an interview with Harjap Grewal who discusses the historic nature of the convergence, impacts on the environment, and the impacts of the olympics on migrant labourers. Finally, Stella August of the Power of Women addresses the crowd at the February 20th rally for a national housing program where she talks about the tent city and expresses solidarity with the black bloc.


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