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Feminism FOR REAL: A Slam on Feminism in Academia

Proma Tagore reads Shaunga Tagore

by Proma Tagore and Shaunga Tagore Dominion Stories

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Feminism FOR REAL: A Slam on Feminism in Academia

why did you let me through the doors in the first place if you were just gonna turn around and force me out?

why did you let me in this ivory tower
filled with hippie feel-good activist academics
debating about feminist organizing in high theory discourse
while barely-paid migrant workers prepare lunches
for seminars, conferences, forums
and get deported the next day
- from A Slam on Feminism in Academia by Shaunga Tagore
Shaunga Tagore is a Toronto-based writer, currently working on a collection of poetry. She is also the Coordinator and Facilitator of Asian Arts Freedom School, a creative arts and radical Asian history and politics group for youth in Toronto, and an editor for Shameless Magazine: For girls who get it
Here her sister Proma Tagore reads her contribution the the anthology Feminism FOR REAL: Deconstructing the academic-industrial complex of feminism at Rhizome Café in Vancouver, unceeded Coast Salish Territory. 
Proma Tagore is herself a poet, and on April 26, 2011 she will be celebrating the launch of her first book of poetry called language is not the only thing that breaks. The event will take place at the Anza Club in Vancouver. 
This recording first aired on Worm's-Eye View: Grassroots News, on CJSF 90.1 FM. Worm's-Eye View brings alternative, community-oriented social justice programming to the Lower Mainland of BC. We are an collective-volunteer space for student and community journalists to learn and grow.
Thanks to Jane Williams of the Redeye Collective (Vancouver Cooperative Radio, CFRO 102.7 FM) for graciously sharing her time and recording skills. 
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Feminism FOR REAL: A Slam on Feminism in Academia

How wonderful it is to find others who share my experience of so much of academic Feminism. Grass-roots heart-filled activism is what it is truly about.


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