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Harjap Grewal at "Who are the 99%: The Occupy Together Movement"

by Harjap Grewal Dominion Stories

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Harjap Grewal at "Who are the 99%: The Occupy Together Movement"

Who are the 99%: The Occupy Together Movement - November 25, 2011

A free public forum on the global Occupy Together movement and tackling issues of systemic inequality, environmental destruction, and government and corporate power.

Here, we hear Harjap Grewal speak. Harjap is Regional Organizer for the Council of Canadians on issues of corporate power, free trade agreements, the environment, and public policy. He is also active in No One Is Illegal for migrant justice, and anti-capitalist and Indigenous solidarity movements.

“In the end, if we're fighting for self-determination, ultimately we're not dancing to the tune of their drummer. Let's stop fighting for permits, and let's start fighting for our freedom.”
Harjap Grewal at Who are the 99%

Richard Porteous, Glen Coulthard and Jean Swanson also spoke at the event. Click on their names to hear audio of their talks.


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