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Jean Swanson at "Who are the 99%: The Occupy Together Movement"

by Jean Swanson Dominion Stories

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Who are the 99%: The Occupy Together Movement - November 25, 2011

A free public forum on the global Occupy Together movement and tackling issues of systemic inequality, environmental destruction, and government and corporate power.

Here, Jean Swanson addresses the audience. Jean is a coordinator of Carnegie Community Action Project in the Downtown Eastside. She was also previous national chair of the National Anti-Poverty Organization and is the author of Poor Bashing: The Politics of Exclusion.

“We need a change in this stupid, unfair, cruel, greedy market system. One thing the Occupy movement has done is address inequality in a way the corporate media is unable to ignore. Why should the human right to housing be dependent on the market system when it has totally screwed up?”
- Jean Swanson at Who are the 99%

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