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CSIS: A Memo from Dick to Vic

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I requested information on Lawful Access back in November from CSIS from the period of September 2011 until November 30, 2011. Once again, the use of Cabinet Confidences to amend the request to near uselessness didn't help much, nor did the waiting period.

My request reads "All briefing notes to the director and/or to the Minister concerning "Lawful Access" legislation for the period September 2011 to November 30, 2011"

It seems that the memo addresses the concerns of the telco industry, and refers to the consultations that took place back in 2002, 2005 and 2007. This indicates that there were consultations since 2007, which should show how wrongheaded this bill is. CSIS also discusses CALEA, and how it is the US equivalent law. What it doesn't mention is the fact that this led to a 62 pecernt growth of wiretaps, and over 3000% growth in the interception of Internet data, which shows that this is ripe for abuse.

There are details of what the ISPs should and should not be required to do as well. Basically, the Government will give them a prescribed amount and the ISP will then go out and purchase the equipment that works with their network. This means that the ISP could go out and buy the cheapest piece of gear and pocket the rest of the money for all we know. However, they have to make the minimum number of interceptions. It seems that after reading it, it's clear who the inspectors are, and that the inspectors will come from CSIS.

Seriously, CSIS should not have the ability to just waltz into a data center and perform an interception without a warrant just because they want to do tests. Also, CSIS is the least trustworthy agency in the Government of Canada, since many Canadians don't know who they are and others squarely distrust them because of old tales of them spying on someone they know and ruining their lives.

Anyway, here's the memo. I'll hopefully have something more substantial soon.

csis_lawful.pdf - Lawful Access form

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