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The ITAC Threat Assessments of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

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The Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre, formerly known as the Integrated Threat Assessment Centre is an organization that provides combined threat assessments. It is primarily led by CSIS, and all the actual CSIS releases that I've seen thus far appear to come from the ITAC.

I recently received over 300 pages of documents from CSIS and the ITAC about the Olympics. These documents mostly range from high level documents such as the document about threats posed by militants and extremists. If you examine some of the documents, other than the redactions, it reads very much like the talking points of the Olympic Resistance Network itself, which correctly highlights the issues with the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games and the way that the Olympics and the G20 created the Joint Intelligence Groups, which combined is the largest single domestic police spying operation in Canadian history.

The documents are very high level, but the most interesting of the documents are the daily summaries who show all the government agencies who were feeding information into the ITAC. We see that there were in fact many issues arising that are unexplained, such as issues with interference with people's "personal communications devices" from the Canadian Cyber Incidence Response Centre. This is probably going to be the basis of future ATIP requests, assuming that we can figure out which agency is responsible for this particular group.

Most of the headings regarding the Anti-Olympic Activities are listed under the heading "Local Extremism." This somehow includes the Canadian Embassy in Melbourne, Australia. I'm not sure how a protest in Melbourne is local in any way, or extremist, but apparently this was a concern of the ITAC.

While the surveillance of the Olympic Resistance Network is interesting, what's surprising is what happens after with the Paralympics. It appears that the V2010ISU-JIG was still on the job when they tracked down the "White Civil Rights Day" action which turned into a large showing of the Anti-Racist Network in Vancouver. Also, VANOC manages to get malware installed on their systems, which is actually rather boring, but can make for interesting write-ups by opportunistic security consultants/ex-military types. Also, it appears that thew V2010ISU-JIG was monitoring the International Day Against Police Brutality March under "Domestic Extremism."

The documents are both in English and in French in most cases, and this time I made sure to scan both the English and the French versions of the documents. There's over 100 MB of PDF documents present. There are three main types of documents, LASER documents, which have simple summaries, full ITAC Threat Assessments, and Daily Summaries which are only in English. The files are below:

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