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Closing Ceremonies

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Dominion Stories, →2010 Olympics

I hope this is not to late. I support direct action, even property destruction, but the 2010 heart attack has seemed to wreck all the hard work we did the day before. I think that we should do the same march at the closing ceremonies, to show everyone, especially our government, that we will not be going away when the Olympics leave, and that we still want these issues addressed. It will show the public that we were not just complaining about the olympics, and that we still want these issues dealt with. We need to show them that this is just a preview to what could happen in the future, and that we will not stop until our issues are met, or atleast come to a temporary resolulution. I do believe that another event like this will open the communities eyes to what were really fighting for. We need to take what we want by force, but first we need enough support to do so.
I hope we can some how plan an event like this for the closing ceremonies.

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