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posted by SandraCuffe in on févr. 12, 2013 - View profile


PiDGin restaurant picket schedule: week 2

Mardi Février 12 2013
- 11:00pm
Samedi Février 16 2013

Venue: in front of PiDGin restaurant
Address: NE corner of Carrall at Hastings

The picket of PiDGin restaurant is continuing. Please come out and support. Here's our schedule for WEEK 2:

Tues Feb 12: 12-1pm & 6-7pm
Wed Feb 13: 12-1pm & 6-7pm
Thur Feb 14: Women's Memorial March at 12, picket 6-11pm (Food Not Bombs will serve free food!)
Fri Feb 15: 12-1pm, 6-7pm & 9-11pm
Sat Feb 16: 9-11pm and possible 6-7pm as well
NE corner of Carrall at Hastings, in front of "Pidgin" restaurant

Some reasons for picketing:

GENTRIFICATION DISPLACES low-income residents from their homes and community. As one senior poor resident said to picketers last week: "they want us out of here for sure." As a First Nations resident said: "the police are asking us to leave Pigeon Park more now. We're just sitting there not doing anything illegal." Each new high end retail & condo project in the area cause ripples of gentrification: more real estate speculation, land values increase, rents go up, more low-income housing is converted or closed, yuppie stores move in, low-income stores close, residents no longer feel comfortable and at home, residents get more tickets for things like selling their belongings etc, police harassment increases, more homelessness. This process happens in every other big city with uncontrolled markets and it is happening in Vancouver right now.

PiDGin Restaurant is BLATANTLY VULGAR AND OFFENSIVE. Carrall Street is now a scene of gross disparity and the DTES has reached a saturation point where people's housing and human rights are threatened. A plate of pickles for $6, an appetizer called "Tongue and Cheek" and $40 a plate main courses can be enjoyed at PiDGin, from seating intentionally designed (according to Scout Magazine) so that eaters can watch the "oft-sordid goings on" in Pigeon Park....the place where the victims of residential schools and other horrific abuses, have long congregated together, who describe their park as the one place that really "belongs to us". This tectonic scene on Carrall can't last too long as the shaming, policing & lack of housing will eventually drive unwanted & despised residents back into the margins where many will face worse neglect, hardships and danger. A First Nations woman pointed out to picketers how the images on PiDGin's windows are "really gross." Look closely at these images and see images of slaughter/wild animals/sexy women entertwined in a grotesque parody that reinforces the dehumanizing relationship created by PiDGin, between the eaters and the poor. Not only does PiDGin give permission to the eater to ignore the impact of their own presence, but also gives permission to ignore the poverty, the racist and gendered violence, ignore that the bottle depot next door is being moved, ignore that the women's detox across the street just lost their funding, that a 15 story condo tower is slated to go up across the street, that Vision Vancouver made new zoning for more condos recently west of Carrall (and in Chinatown), that SRO hotels, the last housing before homelessness are falling apart and not being replaced ----and that the city is about to unleash their re-zoning revitalization forces again, but this time east of Gore, through the poorest area in Canada to Clarke Drive.

We will not ignore the impact of PiDGin.
Oppose PiDGin & Resist Gentrification.
No more high end retail.
No more condos.
Replace 5000 SRO's with decent, resident controlled housing.
Protect the assets and tenure of the DTES community.
Join the picket.

Thanks to Homeless Dave, Fraser, Joe J, Joe L, Kim, Tami, Karen W, Paulo, Dave D, Harold, Brent, Rob, Tracy, Peter & more picketers than I know the names, & to residents passing by ---- for sharing your poetic & needed thoughts about PiDGin and gentrification on the streets and on Facebook so generously.

More to come.....


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For the famed black block,

For the famed black block, this is rather pathetic. I stopped by once. Hipster scum, part of the problem, playing at being anti-gentrification protesters without a shred of irony. Your kind ran Occupy Vancouver into the ground with your egotistical divisive politics and lack of class consiousness.

Well fed and well dressed protestors, verbally beating down a half starved, pallid looking fellow for working there. I saw that he didn't even have a roof over his head, from his weathered skin, and all he wanted was paid work to get himself off the street. Nothing more. 

Also, is the only reason you are picketing this restaraunt that it's nice looking in a dirty area? Have there been incidents of abuse? Of bad pay? Of violence against the local poor? Or any reason besides that its out of place? Those would be reasons worthy of picketing, and worthy of winning.

Besides, I came here to help out in real direct actions against the real crooks here in Van.The Pigs, The Bike obsessed mayor, the Banks, the chinese developers that don't even live here. . Not small fry. Last I checked, your last action (Campfire at Grandview Park) was a tactical, political and publicity failue due to lack of equipment and poor choice of staging area.

Anyway to sum it up, You need better targets, and you need to do more than hold signs and piss into the wind.


Besides, you can't topple a tree by trimming the leaves.

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