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Gentrification and the arts

Jeudi Mars 7 2013

Venue: Room 3200, SFU Woodward’s

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From the SFU Urban Studies program: a series on gentrification.

Gentrification is typically associated with change in inner city housing markets. The goal of this speaker series is to advance some wider perspectives on gentrification, recognizing that housing change is only one aspect of this broader social and economic process.

Gentrification and the arts
Norma Rantisi, Associate Professor in Geography, Planning and Environment, Concordia University

Artists have long been viewed as pioneers of gentrification, and yet contemporary studies also point to how artists themselves have been displaced as a consequence of the revalorisation of property. This talk will present the case of a gentrifying neighbourhood in Montreal, where artists have successfully fought to secure affordable studio space, and will reflect on the lessons that this case suggests for a broader struggle against displacement.

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