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Vancouver, BC

Deep Time, Global Change and YOU: Global Biodiversity and Climate: What Fossil Insects Tell Us, Presented by Dr. Bruce Archibald, Simon Fraser University

A Free Public Talk and Discussion by Bruce Archibald, SFU

- 8:30pm
Jeudi Février 6 2014

Venue: SFU Harbour Centre, Room 1900, Fletcher Challenge Theatre
Address: 515 West Hastings
Cost: free
Accessibility: yes

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Why are there more species in the tropics? Why do species compositions of communities tend to change more across mountains in the tropics than the Temperate Zone? Understanding why we see patterns of change in biodiversity from the equator to the poles has been difficult using modern-world systems. Dr. Archibald discusses a novel approach comparing the diversity of insect communities with fossil insect communities. This approach helps resolve longstanding questions.

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