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Public forum: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Venezuela - Part 2

Venezuela, One Year After the Death of Comandante Chavez

- 10:00pm
Vendredi Mars 21 2014

Venue: Joe's Cafe
Address: 1150 Commercial Dr. @ William Street
Cost: Fre
Accessibility: Yes

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In Commemoration of Comandante Hugo Chavez

Venezuela, One Year After the Death of Comandante Chavez

Part 2:
President Maduro VS. Right-Wing Opposition & Building Solidarity Movement with Venezuela

ALI YEREVANI (@aliyerevani) - Political Editor of Fire This Time newspaper and Battle of Ideas Press, social justice organizer and participant in Iranian Revolution 1979

In this two part forum series Ali will analyze and discuss the current relationship of forces in Venezuela, the role of the US in Venezuela, and the history of revolution and counter-revolution since the beginning of the process of the Bolivarian Revolution. He will also discuss the interconnection between democracy, state, parliamentarianism and the electoral system in Venezuela. Also, why the extreme right wing uses violence as a method of expression, and the response of the government of  President Maduro to economical and political challenges.  Finally, Ali will discuss what activists and social justice fighters need to learn from the Venezuelan Revolution, and what we understand of Socialism of 21 Century into Socialism in 21 Century.
Organized by: Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice

Twitter: @firethistimemov
Phone: 604-526-4848

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