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Occupied Coast Salish Territroy (Vancouver)

Info Night & Political Prisoner Benefit for Amelie, Fallon and Carlos

- 9:00pm
Vendredi Décembre 19 2014

Venue: 38 Blood Alley Social Space
Address: 38 Blood Alley Square
Cost: By Donation ($5-20)

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This event is a benefit for the imprisoned anarchists Amélie, Fallon, and Carlos. They were sentenced on October 31st to 7 years and 6 months imprisonment by the Mexican federal court "for the offence of damage to others’ property in the form of fire (attack on the Secretariat of Communications and Transport)."

There will be updates and info on their case as well as anarchist critique of prison and a discussion.
Also a screening of the film "prison world"

For more information check out:

This event is taking place on unceded and occupied Coast Salish Territory

Accessibility Info: The venue is situated on the south side of Blood Alley Square. There are several cobblestones, but there is ramp access and it’s an open space once inside. There are fewer cobblestones to navigate coming from Abbott vs Carrall. The washroom is not fully WC accessible, the doorway is about 27 inches wide.

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