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Occupied Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver)

Letters of insurgents (reading circle)

STARTS: APRil !ST 7PM wednesdays - bimonthly - twice a month - Spartacus BOXK

Mercredi Avril 1 2015
- 11:55pm
Mercredi Août 19 2015

Venue: Spartacus Books
Address: 3378 Findlay Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 4E7
Cost: 000.000.000

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letters of insurgents (reading circle) Starts: -------------------------------------------------------------------- April 1st --------------------------------------------------- August 19th--------------------------------------------- Wednesday--------------------------------------- 7pm--------------------------------------------- 2015 ------------------------------
listens and/or readers of the whole book will get a Letters Of Insurgents Merit Badge -------------------------------------------

One-time lovers who share libertarian ideals find themselves on opposite sides of the Iron Curtain in the 1960s. They continue to seek a path to liberation and their letters record the repression and satisfactions they experience under different manifestations of the modern state. A beautiful, tender and inspiring collection. In all actuality, a collection of work from Fredy Perlman.
Reading Group Event Dates:
Wednesday 7-9pm 

April 1st: 

Yarostan's First Letter

Sophia's First Letter

April 15th:

Yarostan's Second Letter

May 6th:

Sophia's Second Letter

May 20th:

Yarostan's Third Letter

June 3rd: 
June 17th;
July 1st:
July 15th;
July 29th:
Aug 12th:
Aug 19th:

Jan 19, 2008                                                                                                     rated it 5 of 5 stars: *************************************************************

I think that this is the best anarchist text I've seen, and probably one of the better novels of all time as well. It takes the form of fictional letters between two eastern european workers who were separated after a failed revolution; one spent twelve years in statist jails, the other escaped to the west. After twenty-five years without contact, they begin to write each-other about their experiences, their lives, their hopes, and their memories of the past. The characters that emerge from these narratives tell a story that is both incredibly subtle and infinitely complex. Nothing is taken for granted, no assumptions are left unchallenged, and the reader is left with a set of questions that only a story about relationships could present.

A friend and I recorded it in its entirety for Audio Anarchy.


Freddy Perlman’s Letters Of Insurgents is a completely splendid tale about rebel thoughts. It takes the manifestation of anecdotal letters between two eastern european laborers who were differentiated after a fizzled transformation; one put in twelve years in statist imprisons, the other got away to the west. Following twenty-five years without contact, they start to compose one another about their encounters, their lives, their trusts, and their memories of the past. The cha...

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