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Mass Direct Action for Climate Justice

Samedi Décembre 11 2010

Venue: Meet at Waterfront Skytrain Station (Howe Street enterance)
Cost: Free

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Help Build the Movement for Climate Justice

The World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia in April 2010 brought together social movements from all over the world to forge a powerful new movement for Climate Justice.

Heads of government will meet in Cancun November 29 to December 10 for talks about the climate crisis. At the same time people all over the world will take action against climate crimes like freeway building and to support the “People’s Agreement” created at Cochabamba. It is time for the people to take the lead – and make the leaders follow!

Lower Mainland Council of Canadians chapters, the Canada/Bolivia Solidarity Committee and, together with many friends and allies, have taken up the challenge here. Join with us to build a people’s movement for Climate Justice.

Mass Direct Action for Climate Justice
Saturday December 11, 2010 at 12 noon
Starting at Waterfront Skytrain Station (Howe Street enterance)

Why Act Together Now?

The Cancun talks are an opportunity to build the global movement for Climate Justice. Our federal and provincial governments are funding climate crimes and oppose a fair and effective global agreement to reverse climate destruction.

 Mass Direct Action for Climate Justice – Saturday Dec. 11

We have all been sandbagged on Climate Change by the federal and provincial governments. Now is the time to turn the tables.

Building on the successful and fun 10/10/10 Dig in for Climate Justice – and using bags filled with South Fraser Freeway "pre-load" sand – we will demand climate justice with a surprise creative direct action.

Information on the Dec 7 People's Assembly for Climate Justice is available at


Climate Justice is not a lifestyle issue, it is about the elites who are responsible for climate change and the poor and marginalized who suffer its effects. It’s about humanity fighting for survival against the forces clinging to the profits from the fossil fuel economy and shifting all our resources to a low energy economy, like better public transit not freeways.  We need to end the culture of unlimited growth and destructive consumerism and learn to “live well” while respecting and preserving Mother Earth.

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