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Agriculture Working Group

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This group is for discussion of developments and movements around food production and farming, and planning coverage that more informs a broader public about what's going on.

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Vancouver Media Co-op

Juillet 12, 2012

Seedstock Community Currency Project Announces First Non-Profit Beneficiaries

» News Release: by Jordan Bober
Vancouver Media Co-op

Novembre 26, 2010

+100 Migrant Workers Deported Following Wildcat Strike

Simcoe, Ontario Farm Owes + $1000 Per Worker In Wages

Vancouver Media Co-op

Octobre 13, 2010

See video

Can you dig it?

Vancouver Media Co-op

Juillet 26, 2010

Tactics!?? How About Some Strategy First?!

» Blog: posted by Greg Dean - 5 Commentaires
Vancouver Media Co-op

Juin 6, 2010

Guerilla Gardening in the East Side

» 3 photos: Voir - by Maya Motoi
Vancouver Media Co-op

Mai 21, 2010 Statement on RBC Arson Attack

» Blog: posted by - 10 Commentaires
Vancouver Media Co-op

Février 12, 2010

Is BC a Police State

Rigging Provincial Elections

» Story: by dennis baker
Vancouver Media Co-op

Novembre 9, 2009

See video

Derrick Jensen in Vancouver

» Video: Watch by subMedia
The Media Co-op

Juillet 14, 2009

Richmond councillor stands up for farmland

Vancouver port expansion poses a bigger threat to food security than climate change

» Story: by Dawn Paley
Vancouver Media Co-op

Juin 27, 2009

Death of a Prairie Journalist

» Story: by Little Muddy

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