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Introducing the Dominion News Cooperative

In Canada, concentrated ownership, newsroom cuts and corporate values reduce media's accountability to their audience, promote only the illusion of participation, and discourage transparency.

That's why we've created the Dominion News Cooperative, or Media Coop for short.

An alliance of journalists, editors and human beings who want accurate, reliable information about the world we live in, the Media Coop was founded for the purpose of making media based on the values of participatory democracy.

By becoming a member of the Media Coop, you:

  • Contribute directly to producing original, on-the-ground coverage of significant events that would not otherwise be heard or read.
  • Build a distribution network that will ensure tens of thousands of people get the news delivered to and discussed in their communities.
  • Participate by alerting editors and writers to underreported stories in your interest area, helping provide the most complete coverage of events and issues pertinent to the lives of Canadians.

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