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The Plan

We have created a three-year plan to expand the cooperative, direct its coverage to hundreds of thousands of Canadians, and challenge the corporate media's distortions and omissions.

Year 1: cooperative foundations
Year one will continue to improve the coverage provided by the Dominion; establish the groundwork for a long-term expansion of the cooperative by significantly expanding our audience; and establish a more decentralized coop based on working groups and locals.

  • pay journalists for 12 in-depth features
  • publish a special issue
  • organize discussions across Canada
  • publish monthly
Sustainers needed to implement year one: 100

Year 2: spreading the 'net
With the elements of a Canada-wide media cooperative in place and new practices established, we will begin to grow the network in earnest. With increased organizing capacity and the ability to pay writers, the coop will significantly extend the reach of its coverage and the breadth of its membership.

  • 48 in-depth features
  • establish local media cooperatives
  • 50,000 copies of 2 special issues
Sustainers needed to implement year two: 250

Year 3: setting a new standard
With a solid network of members and communities, local media coops can sign up members, distribute copies of the Dominion and sell Media Coop-related merchandise in order to jump-start local publications, discussion and reporting. The result is more cooperatively-run media, and a rapidly-expanding ability to distribute newspapers, radio broadcasts and other media across Canada.

  • 180 in-depth features
  • addition of local cooperatives
  • monthly circulation of 5,000
  • cumulative circulation of 100,000 for 3 special issues
Sustainers needed to implement year three: 1,000