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Chinatown Condos, Social Housing Campaign Launch & More

by Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP)

Chinatown Condos, Social Housing Campaign Launch & More

In general our community’s struggles against gentrification are continuing and we are finding it up-close and personal in our lives too. Low-income peoples’ homes in Chinatown are threatened with an onslaught of condo development. High-end boutique shops and restaurants threaten their sense of belonging in public space. Their community is under pressure as senior government funding is still not emerging for social housing and some groups are looking for ways to collaborate with developers and gentrifiers for crumbs of funding.

Carnegie Community Action Project


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City ignoring displacement of low-income residents in Chinatown, by Jean Swanson

Chinatown is on the verge of getting more condos than Woodward’s while the city does nothing to stop displacement of low-income residents.  On February 21 a rezoning proposal for 145 market condos in a 17-storey tower at 611 Main is going to Council... Continue reading.

Eloquent speakers call for 10,000 unites of social housing a year, by Jean Swanson

The big room in Vancouver’s main library was packed with about 200 people on Feb. 4th as the Social Housing Coalition launched its campaign for 10,000 units of social housing a year and rent control... Continue reading.

"Families first" doesn't apply to families on welfare, by Parents and Grandparents in Poverty group

"Even though the Premier says families are first, families on welfare are last.” Stacey Bonefant was explaining why a group of about 15 people, including single parents on welfare, were at the Vancouver Aquarium 4 days before Family Day on Feb. 11... Continue reading.

Raise the Rates visits NDP leader's office, by Raise the Rates Coalition

A delegation of twenty people from Raise the Rates told the NDP that they want an immediate commitment to increasing welfare rates... Continue reading.

New coalition forms to campaign for affordable housing in BC

Podcast interview with Social Housing Coalition BC, Cecily Nicholson and Connor Donnegan. Listen to the podcast.







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