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The Vancouver Media Co-op is seeking Volunteers

Near or far, test your chops with the VMC during the 2010 Olympics

by Vancouver Media Co-op


If you are a video ninja, photo bug, radio geek, crack writer or are fast on your feet, we need your help to cover the days of resistance during the Vancouver Olympics.

From February 10th-15th the VMC (Vancouver Media Co-op) will be cranking out daily reports from the streets of resistance. In order to make this happen we need:

1. Runners
2. Video and Still photographers
3. Video Editors
4. Writers

If you have these skills please email us at

If you want to help the Media Co-op but can't make it to Vancouver you can help us by becoming one of our online lookouts.

If you are a savvy web junkie, you can help us find stories, photos and videos that relate to the Olympic Resistance by becoming one of our online lookouts.

By posting links to stories to the Vancouver Media Co-op as blog entries or tweeting your finds and tagging them with #no2010 , you can help us find leads we may have missed.

So go to and set up an account and follow us on Tweeter


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