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VMC Job Posting: May Member Drive

by Vancouver Media Co-op

The Vancouver Media Co-op is looking for a dynamic individual with a track record in building membership based organizations, experience in recruitment drives, and a commitment to social justice to help us with our May 2010 Member Drive. The Vancouver Media Co-op operates on a sustainer base, and this outreach position is a one-month contract set up to build our sustainer base. Sustainers are individuals who give a set amount each month ($5-$100) to the co-operative.

The Goal:

- We are aiming to have 15 new sustainers in Vancouver giving an average of $20 per month by June 1. (The Dominion Newspaper Co-op, our parent organization, currently has 150 sustainers giving between $5 and $100/month.)


- Gain a familiarity with the activities and philosophy of the Media Co-op
- Develop a Vancouver-oriented strategy for recruiting sustaining members
- Work with the Dominion/Media Co-op's National membership outreach coordinator to contact existing donors in the Vancouver area
- Build a list of potential donors and supportive local groups
- Call prospective supporters and pitch, or arrange meetings with these folks
- Make a pitch for these people to become sustaining members of the Vancouver Media Co-op
- Sign up new sustainers

What the VMC/Dominion will supply:

- A slide presentation about the Vancouver Media Co-op
- Outreach material (pamphlets, sign-up sheets etc).
- Advice and support over the phone with folks who have done sustainer campaigns in the past.

Remuneration: $1000 for approximately 80 hours of work in the month of May (20 hours per week for four weeks). The Dominion will cover related travel expenses in a budget set before work begins.

How we imagine it working:

The individual will contact (by phone) existing supporters in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, and identify potentially supportive groups and individuals. Sustainers can be signed up over the phone, or small evening or lunch-time meetings can be arranged, at a workplace, office, or otherwise where the individual, accompanied whenever possible by another member of the Vancouver Media Co-op, will deliver a brief (<20 minute) pitch, asking for their financial support.

To Apply:

Send a cover letter and resumé with the subject line "VMC Member Drive" to dawn @ by Monday, April 19, 2010. Prospective candidates will be contacted for an interview by Friday, April 23. Position starts May 3, 2010.

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