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2010 Olympics

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Downtown East Side Anti-Olympic Street Art

by insurgentphoto

2010 Olympics

CocaCola ad on East Hastings Street
Dumpster near East Hastings
Security Trailer Behind Britannia Arena
Go Canada
Riot 2010 Graffiti Near East Hastings Street
Pigeon Park Graffiti

Here are some photos of anti-Olympic street art in Downtown Eastside Vancouver, mostly centered around East Hastings Street.

More photos at:

Email me if you see any anti-Olympic art around Vancouver that you think needs to be photographed before it gets painted over!

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Calling that stuff art is like calling a popsicle supper. 

On the DES...

Popsicles can be supper on the DES... Collecting images of moments of dissent in our neighbourhood is poetic, beautiful and yes.... art. This display of imagery, photography and commentary combined to present an message.... that has provoked a negative analogy... I think it's doing it's job....


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