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2010 Olympics

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Green olympics - It's all garbage!

by shamed in vancouver

2010 Olympics

Vancouver city garbage trucks compact recycling garbage stream with trash!
Vancouver city garbage trucks compact recycling garbage stream with trash!
vanoc YOU LIE!
vanoc YOU LIE!

We are told one thing, but the reality is quite another!

A friend had sent this on me...This was his experience on Sunday afternoon

"I was just walking around the city enjoying the events of the 2010 Winter Games, when I came across city workers loading trash into a garbage truck.  This should not be unusual, however they were loading trash and recyclables all into the same truck which then were mashed it all together.  The city has spent a fortune places new garbage collections bins all over the city.  They have 2 bags; 1 for regular trash, the other for recyclables.  They have signage trying to indicate how responsible the city it.. NOT... It appears this is just for the cameras as it appears to be all going to the same place.

 The city worker questioned why I was photographing the garbage truck, I advised him he shouldn't be mixing the trash.  He said management was aware of this."

  David Suzuki what did it take to buy you off??? You should be ashamed also.

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About the garbage

Hey, great catch on the trash mismanagement. 

I'm a reporter from another Van news outlet, want to comment on our story about waste in Vancouver during the Olympics?

your request for comment

Hi, I have first offered the chance to comment  to the fellow who supplied me with the pics and story material. I am hoping that he will step up to the chance of offering some comment as you request.

If indeed he doesn't want to proceed, I would happily offer myself as I have a big enough mouth for the both of us I am sure.

best regards 


Sure I will comment



 I was going to let this go after contacting David Suzuki Foundation (who awarded a Bronze award for the Green games), the CBC, CTV, Global and Vancouver Sun...  No one was interested in the story... Were they paid off by the IOC or VANOC?  However after seeing the CTV doing a new clip on how well the city is doing on cleaning up the garbage I thought I would comment again.  "WHERE IS THE GARBAGE THEY ARE DOING SO WELL CLEANING UP GOING?"  IT IS NOT BEING RECYCLED....


Concerned Resident of Vancouver and Global Citizen 



I'm the environment reporter for CBC News, and we were contacted by someone about this story, and we did report on it -- contrary to the comment above.

The City of Vancouver's head of Sanitation told us -- yes -- the bags go in the same truck -- particularly late in the day, when it's hard for trucks in the downtown core to move around. At the start of the day, there are two picking up green bags, two picking up blue bags.

The trucks dump them at the City's works yard, near the train station. Then they're sorted bag by bag, so that the blue ones go to the recycler and the green ones go to the landfill.

So, this article is wrong, and poorly researched. Another kind of shame.

However, the tip we got did lead to some information you might find interesting. The blue bags are sorted by the recycler, so that if garbage (like many many coffee cups) falls in there, it will be removed and sent to landfill.

If, on the other hand, recyclables end up in the garbage -- and don't get picked out by binners -- too bad. The city is sorting bag from bag, but not the contents. Recyclables in the wrong bag will go to landfill. Mostly, the city told us, people have done a good job at separating things properly.

We'll get numbers after the Games about actual volumes.

Lisa Johnson

Environment Reporter

CBC News Vancouver






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