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2010 Olympics

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Balaclava! VMC Olympic Broadsheet

First edition of the daily newspaper of the 2010 anti-olympic convergence

by Vancouver Media Co-op 2010 Olympics

Balaclava! VMC Olympic Broadsheet

The Vancouver Media Coop is releasing a broadsheet every day of the Anti-Olympics Convergence.

Today's issue includes a report on the Poverty Olympics, an interview with a U.S. journalist detained at the border, a report on increased repression in the streets, and a spotlight on the Defence Industry. Every issue also contains tips for activists and a profile of an Olympics corporate sponsor.

Download a pdf of the Balaclava! Broadsheet here.

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End game

I can do it with minimal casualties to the indigenous. We'll clear them out with gas first. It'll be humane. More or less.

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