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Lady Gaga Parking Lot Party Vancouver Aug 23 2010: say no to SB 1070 Boycott Arizona

by Bineshii

Lady Gaga Parking Lot Party Vancouver Aug 23 2010: say no to SB 1070 Boycott Arizona

Also posted by bineshii:

Around Aug. 1st, Lady Gaga played a show in Arizona, despite being asked not to as part of an artists’ boycott of Arizona to protest SB 1070 and economically and socially pressure Arizona to repeal the law. She did make a speech against SB 1070 during her show.

SB 1070 is a law passed in Arizona, in April of 2010, that particularity targets Latinos and migrants from Mexico. It allows police to stop and question anyone at anytime and require official documents be presented. What makes this different from already existing laws is that it dis-allows agencies and officials to intervene on behalf of the undocumented person and prevent their deportation, increases police powers, and has harsher penalties for people harboring undocumented migrants. There has been much action and community organization against SB 1070.

See this video about youth organizing in their communities to defend against deportations:

For more background, see this video on AlJazeeraEnglish's Faultlines:

"Illegal America: Arizona's immigration fight"


Aug 23, Lady Gaga played a show in Vancouver, and Parkinglot Party! went with a banner to show solidarity with those people fighting against SB 1070, and encourage others to do the same.

After hanging the banner on a high wall and talking to lots of people, security escorted the group off the grounds with the help of the VPD.

Watch the video:

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