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Rocky Mountaineer Running Scab Trains!

Solidarity With 109 Locked Out Workers- Thurs@430pm

by Locked Out Rocky Mountaneer Worker

On Thursday July 7th at 430pm we are holding a rally/media event at 1755 Cotrell street to support the onboard attendants who have been locked out by Rocky Mountaineer. We need to gather as much support as possible to show the company that although we are few, we deserve to be taken seriously and we are not going anywhere until we reach a fair contract.
Please pass this message on to as many members and affiliates that you possibly can so we may have a good turn out at the event.
It starts at 4:30pm but late arrivals are welcome as the train can come in anytime that evening.

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On Thursday July 7th at 430pm

The East Vancouver rally location, 1755 Cotrell street, is near the Home Depo under the 1st Ave overpass.

Regular picket times for locked out on board attendants:

1755 Cotrell street:

Mon, Tues, Fri - 6:30am

Mon, Thurs, Fri - 4:30 pm


1st and Phillip (close to lonsdale in North Van.):

Sat and Sun - 5:30am & 6 pm


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