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San José del Progreso Residents Plan Mine Occupation

Oaxacan groups promise to shut down Fortuna Silver's mine starting Monday

by Jorge Luis MartínezOaxaca Pie de Lucha

Also posted by dawn:

OAXACA, MEXICO-Jorge Sánchez, representative of the villages in resistance in the Ocotlan Valley, announced the indefinite takeover of the mine in San José del Progreso beginning Monday, May 7th at an early hour, this comes after three years of conflict with the Cuzcatlán mining company (Trans. note: Cuzcatlán is a subsidiariy of Vancouver based Fortuna Silver).

Sánchez stated that since they have not had any resolution of the problem or the assassinations in San José del Progreso, they have decided to mobilize.

“This mobilization is so that the government knows that we are going to take new measures, that the struggle hasn’t ended, that the struggle continues, and that we are going to continue to defend our territory,” said Sánchez.

He noted that the following villages continue to participate in the resistance in the Ocotlan Valley: Maguey Largo, Ocotlán, El Cuajilote, Magdalena Ocotlán, El Vergel Ejutla, Tejas de Morelos, Buena Vista, Paso de Piedra, and El Ocote, among others.
Finally, Sánchez warned that in the case that there is an eviction or an eviction attempt, the population knows how to respond, just as they did three years ago in 2009.
This text was originally published in Spanish by Oaxaca Pie de Lucha.
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