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Original Peoples

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“No Means No” Tzeporah Berman

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Sub Titled: "The Challenge of Our Age" 

Life long dedicated environmental activist continues her battle to have sanity prevails in ending the world’s environmental destruction for  self-interest profits.

The Alberta Tar Sands and the related cross continent oil pipelines put the entire future of our planet at great risk. Pipeline leaks and oil spills do happen and with this type of heavy Bitumen clean-up is all but impossible. 

Please come forward and do your part to help save the Great Bear Rainforest and other North American pristine landscapes from certain destruction.

The future of our entire species for generations to come depends upon your participation in helping stop this madness NOW. 

There will be no second chance.

   May The New Year 2013 bring  awakening to the peoples of the world that we must stand     

             together against corporate environmental destruction  & the manipulation of     

               peoples governments for self-interest profits for a few / at the cost of many.  

                                                  Thanks for doing your part !

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