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The Truth About an Addict

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This is a short clip that I filmed while I was living in Vancouver Downtown Eastside.

The story behind it is that one day I was drinking a coffee at the Radio Station Café on Hastings and Columbia, and then a middle aged man sat down besides me, asked me for a cigarette, and we started discussing the poverty and drugs issues. I realized he was really intelligent and had a really interesting opinion on the subject.

After discussing for a little while, he admitted he needed help, being a heroin addict himself, and since I told him about my documentary idea he proposed me to explain me the truth about an addict if I gave him enough money to buy his drugs.

Of course I was a little worried about his integrity and I didn't want to lose money or get myself into a sticky situation, but the guy seemed honest so I took a chance. I gave him 40 bucks and brought him back to my room at the Regent Hotel so he could take his time to prepare his injection and speak freely.

Turned out that Bruce spoke to me for about ab hour about his addiction while injecting his morphine. Even if I was a little stressed out and anxious at first, I think it was really worth. Here's the result.

PS: this is part one but I have way more unedited content to work on and the remaining parts will all be posted here eventually...

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