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Pilgrimage to Burns Bog

Free Trade & Gateway Projects

On April 25, 2010, hundreds of people participated in an interfaith pilgrimage to Burns Bog. The event was designed to promote an understanding of the sacredness of Burns Bog, which is under threat from highway development, specifically by the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

It was organized by the Pilgrimage to Burns Bog Committee, with participating groups including Anglican EcoJustice, Burns Bog Conservation Society, Environmental Ministry Team of Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace, Kairos, Vancouver Unitarians, and the Western Canada Wilderness Committee.

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rex weyler's comments

i do not think that rex weyler's comments in this video about population growth reflect the views of the event organizers. this is not a movement against people or immigration.

  Listening to Rex Wyler on

  Listening to Rex Wyler on this video I don't think he is speaking against population and people per se.  He is speaking against them occupying the Bog if development is permitted there and facilitated by the south fraser Freeway project.  

That was my interpretation of his remarks. 

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