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The Corporate Propaganda Machine_Jack Etkin

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Speaking at a recent public Stop The Smart Meters rally in front of the Parliament Buildings in Victoria BC:

Jack Etkin longtime activist and host of many publicly broadcast video interviews on the topic of social issues of concern.

  Mr. Etkin  suggests that our real problem is control of politics by corporations who also own just about all the mainstream media outlets where the public receives it's information.

  The truth is simply not being told to the public on a long list of issues where the corporate addenda is involved.

Do you really think you would be told information which would lead to a huge loss in corporate profit, even if it involved health risks?

Smart meters are much more than the stated better electricity meter. In home surveillance of everything you do is just around the bend and the reason for all the new smart appliances. Corporate Surveillance even while you sleep.  

Application form to join the citizens class action law suit against BC Hydro may be found here:

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