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Original Peoples

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Original Peoples

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On Valentine's Day, Monday, February 14, 2011, members and supporters of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) community on the Coast Salish Territory gathered to commemorate the loss and the disappearance of daughters, sisters and mothers from this neighbourhood and across the country.

A disproportionate percentage of these missing and murdered women and children were Aboriginal, which is yet another episode in the colonial legacy of what we have come to call Canada.
On the morning of this 20th Annual Missing and Murdered Women's Memorial March, the organizing committee held a press conference, during which the women on the committee spoke about the root causes of the problem and how the BC government has done nothing but to make matters worse, as well the despicable role of the media and of course the destructive role of men and the need for them to take responsibility and end the violence.
A great many truths were spoken during this session, and so I will let you hear these words of wisdom for yourselves.
You can find a video of the march at 
and some beautiful photos at
There will also be an article about the press conference at
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That press conference was really powerful. I'm so glad you posted it so that anyone who wants to can watch the whole thing.


It was more than powerful!

It was profound and beautiful. When you post your article, let me know and I'll add the full link to it instead of just the VMC URL.

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