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Glyphosate"The Hidden Danger"_Tony Mitra

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Sub Titled: "Are We Mad Enough":
   Tony Mitra reports Glyphosate as the active ingredient in an herbicide heavily used in agriculture as well as part of the GMO technology which may be causing valid health concerns which the general public may not be aware of..
   This substance is reported to be  linked to the rising incidence of autism in research done by "Stephanie Seneff" and "Anthony Samsel" of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  
Mr. Mitra is currently trying to setup an option for citizens to be tested for the amount of Glyphosate ingested in their system.
All those wishing to take part; please visit this location for further information on Glyphosate testing  Thanks for watching and sharing our concerns.
Perhaps also take a few minutes and watch /  a message from Vandana Shiva on GMO's  & this film documentary on the topic of GMO's      
Why are cancer and other diseases on the rise, have a look here and find out more on what they are not telling you.   The world according to Monsanto. Copy & Paste>
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