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GMO`s Explained: Dr. Thierry Vrain "The Gene Revolution"

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Best viewed in full screen mode: Filmed at an open public forum in Surrey BC on the topic of GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) .

Dr.Vrain an expert on genetically engineered crops was a genetic engineer scientist in agricultural research heading a Canadian Government Biotechnology Department.

This video describes the details of this technology which are not often told to the public which may be a valid cause for concern for consumers of GMO crops in general. Thanks for watching and becoming properly informed on the topic and the risks involved.                                                  

While many parts of the world are refusing to accept GMO seed crops, many items sold in food stores locally are derivatives of GMO engineering and consumers should be made aware of the possible risks involved when eating such items.

A partial listing of foods containing GMO products can be found by clicking here:




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Commentaires Petition CBC News, The National to Interview Dr Vrain

Dr. Thierry Vrain, formerly Head of Biotechnology @ Agriculture Canada's Summerland Research Station, now an organic famer was once a supporter of GMO. He is now sharing his logical researched understanding of why the science behind genetic engineering is flawed in his recent Ted talk entitled The Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture:

Canadians need to be getting more information from our public broadcaster regarding problems with GMO in agriculture. Petition CBC News, The National to Interview Dr Thierry Vrain Regarding GMO & The Future of Agriculture


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