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Occupy Vancouver Tent Village is a cop free zone


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Occupy Vancouver has been grabbing headlines for 3 solid weeks now. As the mayoral race heats up, politicians squabble over the future of the encampment at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Yesterday, a medic at the occupation saved the life of drug user who overdosed at the camp. The corporate media sensationalized the story, and the fire department upped the ante by ordering that campers remove tarps and unoccupied tents by ten am this morning.

The tent city council, held a press conference and defied the order in front of a frenzy of corporate media reporters. They also declared the encampment a cop free zone and stated that they do not recognize the authority of the city.

Tent council's decision to disobey the orders of the fire department sets the tone for a busy weekend at the camp. A second run on the banks action is scheduled for saturday as well as a show by anarchist punk legends DOA. On sunday large crowds are expected to march in solidarity with indigenous people opposing mining on their territories. Stay tuned to the VMC for updates on this growing movement of resistance.

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Occupy Vancouver

I am 100% for the Occupy movement globally, but OV seems to be doing everything it can to alienate itself from the mainstream populace.  OV seems to be representing the other 1% on the opposite end of the spectrum and ignoring the rest of us. 

What about the 99%?  or is that just political rhetoric to get you more publicibity for your own identity politics?  Is the occupy movement in Vancouver just an opportune vehicle for DTES and other marginalized issues?  Are you using the goodwill of the movement?  Reach down and ask yourself - are you thinking and acting locally and using a global movement for your own battles? 

You need to engage the public in dialogue NOT piss them off.  WAKE UP OV before you trash the good will of the Occupy movement in the lower mainland. 

It's supposed to be a triangle with the 1% at the top and the rest of us scaling down the mountain.  Not a diamond with 1% at  the top and the bottom!!!

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