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"Shameful"-Chief Bob Chamberlin_Peoples Climate Rally Van. BC

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Bob Chamberlin vice president of the Union of BC Indian Chef's reminds citizens of the shameful behavior of our governments who most always seem to deny delay and distract from the valid issues many people are bringing forward to be addressed as their legitimate concerns. 
   Too often preferring instead to give priority to corporate interests rather than preserving the essentials of life itself, clean air water-food and respect for natures gifts for future generations to enjoy uncontaminated by the quest for riches. 
   People must simply take a stand and end this madness which is being forced upon us by out of control governments who deny reality and the wishes of the people they were elected to represent. 
Please take a moment and listen to this most important message from Dr. David Suzuki, the planets future depends upon you and the actions you take today.   
Thanks for watching and coming forward for what you believe in !
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