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Tahltans Set Up Roadblock to Oppose Red Chris Mine

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Press Release
August 30, 2012
Totogga Lake, BC

Concerned members of the Tahltan Nation have set up a road block on
Highway #37, 80 km south of Dease Lake, BC at the Tatogga Lake Resort. The
Red Chris Mine is within the territory of the Tahltan Nation who have
occupied territory since time immemorial. The specific area where the Red
Chris Mine is being constructed is home to many species of animals
including Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose and Caribou. The Tahltans
depend upon these animals for subsistence and believe that the mine will
destroy the animal’s habitat and calving grounds that is sacred to the

The Tahltan Leadership has spoken out strongly against the mine and
criticized the BC mine permitting process that is viewed as corrupt. The
BC Liberal Government has given free rein to mining companies leaving the
environment vulnerable to contamination and disruption. Tahltans have
serious concerns with the design of the tailings ponds and the potential
for leakage and wide scale environmental disasters that will result should
tailings leak into the environment. At the Tahltan Central Council Annual
General Assembly held in July 2012 a resolution was passed to develop a No
Red Chris Campaign to oppose the Red Chris Mining Project.

Two Tahltan women Kukdookaa and Adanza’a will be at the blockade with
other elders and concerned Tahltans handing out information and educating
those travelling along Highway #37 about the critical issues facing the
Tahltans and their homelands.

Adanza’a is a 73 year old great grandmother on the blockade to protect her
homeland for her grandchildren so that they can enjoy what we have today
without the destruction mining will bring. She said that, “Our ancestors
fought and died for our homeland to protect our way of life for us and the
least we can do is fight for our rights and the rights of generations to

Kukdookaa is also a grandmother who believes in fighting for the rights of
the Tahltan Nation and will go to any length to protect the Tahltan
people, wildlife, fish, and the environment. “It is irresponsible of the
BC Government to provide permits while serious issues remain unresolved
with the people who occupy the area.” Wild game outfitters, resort owners
and other business people also have concerns with the location of the road
and the disruption to wildlife and the pristine wilderness.

For more information contact Kukdookaa or Adanza’a at
or call Tatogga Resort at 250-234-3526 or call 250-771-5604

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