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Anti- Gentrification Attacks (AGF Squad)

Anti- Gentrification Attacks (AGF Squad)

For all too long now yuppies have been peacefully going about their gourmet dinners, buying up their lucky condos and flaunting their wealth by driving around in expensive cars. We thought it would be great to remind them AGF is still here.So last night, for the third time, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria was attacked. Several of its windows and one of its cameras were smashed. Famoso thought that putting up their pathetic cameras would stop our attacks. They haven’t and never will. We are also inspired by the picketers of the new yuppie restaurant in the downtown east side called Pidgin. They have been giving yuppies a taste of the class war for weeks now.

Over the last week City of Vancouver, who promotes gentrification with their Grandview Woodland community plan, were also were visited by the AGF. Two of their trucks had their windows smashed (6 all together, including 2 windshields) and one of their tractors had their huge window shattered.
This is a fucking class war and we will not stop until we are free from class, the state and all others who oppress us. Your time will come.
Pidgin its time you fly away or face the consequences.


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Beyond Foolish

This is radical postering, and nothing more. There is no strategy behind these "tactics." This building is located on commercial drive, nowhere near pidgin nor the downtown eastside, where attention is productively focused on the harm of gentrification.

This is reactionary, totally counter-productive. Won't do much to build sympathy to anti-gentrification, nor will it win your class war. Grow up.

Solidarity with the picketers?

"We are also inspired by the picketers of the new yuppie restaurant in the downtown east side called Pidgin."

"Pidgin its time you fly away or face the consequences."

It sounds like you're interested in supporting the picketers' struggle, but have you spoken to any of them about whether they would appreciate this kinds of action?   Being in solidarity means respecting the wishes of the group you claim to be in solidarity with, and from what i can tell your gestures will NOT be appreciated.   The picketers have been dedicating a lot of time & energy to peacefully protesting that spot, and the folks i know who are involved are REALLY upset that someone is threatening to do physical damage to that restaurant.

I'm not sure if you've considered this either, but there's a good chance they -will- be blamed for anything the "AGF Squad" does.  It's not like they need anymore bad news coverage, so if you want to support them i highly reccomend joining them on the picket line, but... smashing windows?  You'll give the cops an excuse to break the protest up & compromise the strength of their message.

If you are inspired, please pick-up a placard instead!

Please consider how your actions will affect the picketers:  Commercial Drive restaurant vandalized by anarchist group "This is not the only east side restaurant to be targeted by vandals. Earlier this year, Pidgin Restaurant, which is across the street from the infamous Pigeon Park was targeted by protesters who say that the gentrification of the downtown eastside is pushing out affordable housing."   Although, we should expect this kind of sloppy journalism from mainstream media outlets - none the less - the picketers have caused zero damage to the property they're protesting, and yet they're already being linked to your actions.

Pidgin shit

that shithole wont last six months more.

Famoso Restaurant, Here I Come

I rememeber when the protester brats picketed the Pidgin last month. I responded by eating there and showing my support for the manager. I'm glad Vancouver Province showed the truth about the Pidgin Restauant and how it's actually doing good in the community and how the protesters are completely clueless one-sided media whores.

Now it's the anarchists that vandalise the Famoso restaurant. Figured out you could single out a Commercial Drive restaurant and take it one step further for the sake of your own piece of the media-whore action, eh?

Well guess what? I'm so disgusted with your vandalism that I'm actually going to eat there too to show my support. When will it sink into you about what a bunch of publicity-whore fails you are? I know it's anarchist law to consider personal responsibility evil but still can't you do something useful, like get a job?

Are you the same guys who

Are you the same guys who fought against the Grandview Park reno?

The reno that you guys (assuming you're the same group), argued was driving out "the people" of Grandview, but has resulted in a park that is used more than ever? 

Cuz that was pretty dumb, and you kind of look like assholes over that colosal lack of common sense.

Don't get me wrong. Famosous sucks. It's a chain. Totally fake. Not a fit for the Drive, but whatever. It's shitty to go breaking windows. In the end, you won't stop it. It's never really been an effective tool. It's just a way for silly teens/tweens, and older knobs who should know better to wear poorface while not actually working on constructive solutions. 


If you lightweights want to see change you will have to do more than break a few windows.   Take a page out of the small group of people who halted the mighty English overlords and their army who tried to subjegate the poor Irish.   Did they break windows? Well, yes if only to throw    ****** into them.  You will have to start hurting those idiots who are laughing at your efforts or you might as well cash in your chips right now and count up as losers.  You said desperate times call for desperate measures? Then do something desperate that you would never have thought of before and if that means *****g  somebody, then so be it,  It is war isn't it? You pussies make me puke.


@ThePalaceDogs... you want to


you want to **** somebody over a shitty pizza parlour moving into the drive because you feel it represents gentrification? And just to be clear... don't go calling people "pussies" for not being prepared to **** people when you can't even say ****, whatever the shit that means. 

And... not sure if you know this, but despite everything that is wrong, and some of the disturbing trends in our society, we have never actually enjoyed so much peace and prosperity. Including the poor. What is considered poverty and oppression by today's standards is nothing compared to 50, 80, and 100 years ago. 

Violence is stupid. It rarely ever brings about positive change or balance. Stop fooling yourself that you're being a rational being, and see yourself for what you really are, a testosterone-driven mess who is just as much a part of the problem as the greedy fucks who carelessly grind people beneath their wheels to make a greasy buck.

People are actually starting to wake up. The last thing we need is far left retards like you getting all violent and stupid, and driving people back into the hands of the right. Think with your head, not with your balls. 


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