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ANTI-GENTRIFICATION FRONT: Smashing & Stealing in the Streets!

ANTI-GENTRIFICATION FRONT: Smashing & Stealing in the Streets!

{{these recent articles are swiped from cbc; also below is a communique from the AGF:



"This is a fucking class war and we will not stop until we are free from class, the state and all others who oppress us." -AGF



"So last night, for the third time, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria was attacked. Several of its windows and one of its cameras were smashed. Famoso thought that putting up their pathetic cameras would stop our attacks. They haven’t and never will. We are also inspired by the picketers of the new yuppie restaurant in the downtown east side called Pidgin. They have been giving yuppies a taste of the class war for weeks now." -AGF



"These anarchists stole our sign. Yes I'm serious. They won't stop until the capitalists leave the neighbourhood. I'm serious. They will be embarking on a mission to close save on meats," -panicked yuppie scum

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The war is in your heads while the rest of us try to find creative real solutions to rea problems.

If the author had any actual idea what the broken window theory was they would understand that rather than valianty claiming a bigger piece of the pie for the oppressed or outcast, they're just shrinking the pie for everyone.

Wtf is right, as in, wtf are you talking about?

Broken window theory was developed by the pigs in new york as their flimsy rationalization for what they can never openly admit IS the class war. They can't acknowledge the nature of their work but there it is.

The theory is that if a neighborhood appears "poor" and "lawless", that the aesthetic somehow correlates to actual crime rates. The implication being that sterile yuppie neighborhoods with cameras and security guards everywhere have lower crime rates ... all of which is complete bullshit and mostly just an excuse for gentrification and heavy-handed tactics against the poor by law enforcement. 

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