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Action Against Tamihi Logging

Clearcut logging by Tamihi Logging Co is underway on the Dewdney Grind, a community built trail on "crown land" a few clicks east of Mission. In recent months we removed their flagging tape and tree blazes all around the trail to fuck with their operation.

We don't know exactly how much this costs Tamihi (well we have a pretty good idea) but we do know how much they hate getting fucked with. Last summer the mainstream media reported the successful torching of three pieces of their heavy logging equipment on Mount Woodside Forest Service Road near Agassiz. Their pathetic whining to the media and big announcement of beefed up security to stop future sabotage inspired us to get involved.

We know we're not alone in the woods, we've seen our friends handiwork and it makes us smile as we joyfully de-survey cutblocks wherever we find them. This one's for the survivors-the pockets of old growth still up on the hill and the fish still kickin down in Norrish Creek after many disgusting clearcuts to this watershed.

Fuck Tamihi, Fuck indusrial logging, Defend the Fraser Valley!

Love is friendship set on fire


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