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Day 32: Homeless Dave and supporters to picket at new controversial site

by DTES Hunger Strike

Media Advisory 
For Immediate Release: Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 32: Homeless Dave and supporters to picket at new controversial site

Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories: Today is Day #32 of “Homeless Dave’s” Hunger Strike, he has lost a lot of weight (21 pounds as of Day #28) and his health is deteriorating. Time is running out for Dave and for the hunger strike demands to be met. Dave is still drinking 375ml of “Happy Planet” juice a day plus sage tea.

As of today, the daily picket is expanding to a new controversial site as a way to seek resolution to the demands and end this hunger strike. 

Where: To be announced either at the corner of Hastings and Main at 5:30pm or call 604-839-0379 or 604-790-9943 at that time (not earlier) to find out the location.

When: Monday, April 22th PM at 5:30pm

Hunger strike demands:

More info: Wendy 604-839-0379; Tami 604-790-9943

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The new demo

It's at the Mayor's house.

They already announced it.

Ivan forced out of Carnegie

Ivan says he was forced out of Carnegie by Vancity. Who kept Wendy from coming back? Who's next? Are they going to put Jean out to pasture?

Something is really really wrong with the way the PidGin protest is going. Homeless Dave says that the drug dealers tried to make a deal with him. Whose next? What a mess.

Vancouver housing activist resigns after a funder issues an ultimatum 
Vancouver/CKNW (AM980)
Alison Bailey Email news tips to 

A prominent housing activist in the Downtown Eastside has resigned from his position with the Carnegie Community Action Project.  

Ivan Drury claims one of the funders of the group has issued an ultimatum that CCAP stop organizing  protests and that he stop making statements they don't support.

"I take it as a continued closing of the definitions of what acceptable dissent are or what tolerable dissent are in Vancouver and continuing turns towards more conservative political climate that doesn't tolerate criticism or organizing against development power in the city."

Drury says the ultimatum came from Vancity.  

When asked whether this has anything to do with protests against gentrification at Pidgin restaurant in the Downtown Eastside,  Drury says neither he nor CCAP have had anything to do with organizing those pickets.  

He claims Vancity says it wants to fund CCAP to do research and reports about development in the community, but not to organize actions.

Drury was a researcher and organizer with CCAP.

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