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Statement by Gord Hill Regarding Visits by Olympic Police Agents

by Gord Hill

Gord Hill's Business Card
Gord Hill's Business Card

Occupied Coast Salish Territory [Vancouver, BC] -- Vancouver's Incredibly Stupid Unit (VISU), also known as the 2010 Integrated Security Unit, attempted to visit me, Gord Hill, at my residence in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, October 17, 2009. 

As I was not home at the time, they left unrequested junk mail (their business cards) with the following information:

Ken Stolarchuk, Joint Intelligence Group, Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit
Tel: 604-264-2972
Tel: 604-717-3349 ext. 2029
Fax: 604-264-3151

Cst. Kirk Rattray, Joint Intelligence Group, VISU, RCMP
Tel: 604-264-3254
Cell: 604-376-4013
Fax: 604-264-3151

Both cards had the address 5255 Heather St., Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1K6.

The next day, Sunday October 18, two plainclothes cops repeatedly knocked on my apartment door throughout the day, although I declined to answer.  They were subsequently observed sitting in a gold-coloured SUV across the street of my apartment building, with the license plate 925 LBD. 

Perhaps they learned something as they sat watching the homeless, the poor, the drug addicts— casualties of the 2010 Olympics & business greed—who regularily congregate outside my apartment building near Hastings & Carrall.  Maybe they saw their compatriots routinely harassing, searching, ticketing & arresting poor people, and thought it unjust.  Then again, probably not, cuz they're the Incredibly Stupid Unit.

I am confident that these visits by the Olympic cops were instigated by my comments to CBC News on Tuesday, Oct. 13, in which I stated I supported direct action and would not be opposed to the downing of power lines or other acts of sabotage.  Such are my views, and such are my 'legal rights' in the nation-state of Canada, which presents itself as a champion of democracy & free speech, and which whores itself around the world as a leader of human rights. 

Irregardless of such propaganda, Canada is in fact a routine violator of human & civil rights and in particular those of Indigenous peoples, who today suffer the highest rates of poverty, suicide, imprisonment, violent death, poor health, substandard housing, etc.  The Tar Sands in Alberta, missing & murdered Native women, police violence against Natives (including the deaths of elder Harriet Nahanee, Frank Paul, Kyle Tait, etc.) are also forms of human & civil rights violations against Indigenous peoples.  Where is the justice, the alleged fruit of Canada's laws, in any of this?  

Furthermore, the government's of Canada & BC lack the legal & moral authority to govern or carry out business on unceded Indigenous territories.  The 1763 Royal Proclamation, which legally bound the British, and later Canada, to negotiate treaties before any trade or settlement could occur, was re-affirmed in the 1982 Constitution and remains law to this day.  'BC' exists in violation of this law and is an illegal government; consequently, Canada lacks jurisdiction on these lands.

I reject the authority of both the provincial & federal governments.  In principle, no person on unceded Indigenous territory is bound to follow the laws of an illegal and immoral government, which in any case only serves the interests of the corporate elite.

Despite my beliefs, the government will seek to impose its rules on me as a 'citizen' and to force my conformity to its laws.  The government, being little more than organized crime at its highest levels, have at their disposal their gangs of street enforcers (the police), armed with a vast apparatus of social control to ensure we all conform to its dictates (which many do, naively believing in their state & its laws).  As such, we must hold these authorities accountable to their own laws, upon which their legitimacy to rule are based, and expose their true nature:

● the Charter of Rights & Freedoms, enshrined in the constitution of Canada, guarantees each of its citizens the 'freedom' to express our views, thoughts & beliefs,  without fear of prosecution, intimidation or harassment, so long as we do not promote hatred against any group of people.

I hereby state: I would not oppose the sabotage of power lines or  other critical infrastructure of the capitalist economic system.  I support all forms of direct action & resistance against this corrupt & illegitimate government along with its corporate circus, the 2010 Winter Olympics.  We must use any means necessary to defend the earth for future generations.         

● The 1763 Royal Proclamation requires the negotiation of treaties with Indigenous nations prior to any trade or settlement on their lands.  The government's of Britain and Canada failed to do so in the province of 'british columbia' and instead imposed their colonial regime on the Native peoples of this land.  The imposition of the Canadian & BC governments on unceded Indigenous lands is illegal & fraudulent.
In doing so, the government has committed genocide & continues to do so to this day.

Colonialism & genocide are violations of international laws & covenants (as well as being forms of systemic violence).  That such conditions have existed for over 150 years shows the futility of negotiations & seeking justice through the courts.

Due to their failure to follow their own laws, whether it is the Charter or the 1763 Proclamation, I know I will be proven correct and that the true nature of the government-corporate system will be revealed.  It is a criminal regime with no regard for human beings or the earth, except as resources to be exploited.  It will defend its criminal activities by any means necessary, including the establishment of
a militarized police state (or the invasion & occupation of other countries). 

This situation, and that of the world in general, with deepening environmental, economic, and military crises, requires radical social change.  A struggle to transform society which will not be achieved through purely legal or reformist methods.  This is why I believe, and history shows this to be true, that when the poor & oppressed rise up against their oppressors, they do so by any means necessary.  Ghandi & Martin Luther King, prayers & pacifism, did not by themselves liberate India or Blacks in the United States (or anyone, ever).

In this struggle, I stand on the side of the oppressed against the oppressor.  I stand with the earth and for life.  Where do you stand?  And if you answer “on the fence,” be forewarned that the fence, along with the power lines, are sooner or later going to come down.  Will it be the land defenders or Mother Earth?  I don't know, but either way I would not oppose it. 

In the Warrior Spirit of Harriet Nahanee!
No Olympics on Stolen Native Land!

Gord Hill, Kwakwaka'wakw

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Thank you!

That's the spirit!


rad, I loved it, great piece, I may have to quote that line about the fence coming down!

when the ISU came to my house they talked to my roommate and kept saying "are you sure your not Comrade, if you are it's ok, we can just give you the information then"

I was just going to look up the name of the pig that came to my door but the card seems to have disapeared. I remember his superiors name was written on the back in handwriting was Sabastien Parent

Solidarity is a 2 way Street

We sent this statement around on our lists and hope to keep people informed about this so no harm comes to Gord Hill.

I also can't let this moment pass without speaking my mind.

I belong to a few native orgs here in the United Snakkkes who have been engaged in various forms of struggle against the oppressor.

We've sent numerous emails, alerts, and statements to Gord and countless native organizations in Vancouver, and not once did they ever get the word out. After awhile we just stopped trying to do outreach with the natives there because they don't seem to care to stand in solidarity until they are targetted.

I hope they learn that solidarity is a 2 way street.

Gord Hill

I stand with you Gord. As a decendent of the colonialist who pillaged this land, I stand in solidarity with you and your people. Only in numbers can we force change.


g. hamilton

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