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July 1, 7pm, Clark Park (14th Ave at Commercial Drive)


From the Hudson’s Bay Co. trading furs over 200 years ago to the logging
of old growth forests for the last century to the Pacific Trails Pipeline
trying to cut through their sovereign territories today. The government of
Canada stands as a stark reminder that the colonization of the Indigenous
communities is still on the forefront of the government and corporation’s
agendas. The weak attempt at reconciliation put forward by the Harper
government was simply a ploy to smooth things over for industry to
continue the destruction and exploitation of the amazing ecosystems they
call home.

On this day of nationalist drivel we have decided to take a stand against
the Canadian State to say: We are not proud of the history of atrocities
against indigenous communities, we are not proud of the relentless
destruction of beautiful eco systems in the name of the “economy” and we
are not proud of the militarized state we have come to call home. We stand
in unwavering defense and confrontation with the Unist’ot’en people and
together we will not compromise the land and those it sustains. We will stop these pipelines.

EVERYONE'S INVITED!  Bike bloc come on down!  Mommas come on down!  Everyone who's pissed come on down!  Bring your neighbours!  Try to come with a friend or two, and try to leave with a friend or two.  Bring whatever you need to keep strong and hold your fighting spirit.  <3 

Accessibility info:  This will be a street march, so once it vacates the park (which is on quite a steep hill with stairs or grass to navigate the hill) it will be taking place in the street, but there will undoubtedly be barriers to accessibility.  Please get in touch with the organizers for more detailed information.  
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The police played it rough at the last Beat The Pipelines demo and are amping up repression efforts on unceded Coast Salish land and beyond as the fight against resource extraction gains momentum across kkkanada.  The state uses July 1st as a flag waving, nationalist, capitalist, alcohol-fuelled assimilation party.  Let us join together in resistance and have each other's backs as we reject this celebration of genocide.  In our opinion, no amount of rage is too extreme.  Bring yours, and your love too, this July 1st.  
"Local and federal law enforcement agencies are [and have been for years] compiling extensive files on everyone they deem suspect; if you don’t want them invading your privacy, it may be appropriate for you to remain anonymous while exercising your supposed right to free speech. "
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