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Kinder Morgan seeks Burnaby Mountain Injunction

Kinder Morgan seeks Burnaby Mountain Injunction


October 31 2014

Burnaby, Coast Salish Territories: Kinder Morgan, through its subsidiary Trans Mountain Pipeline, is applying for an injunction to keep people out of the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area park. The hearing will be at 2 PM today, at the BC Supreme Court in Vancouver. 

At around 5 PM Thursday evening, over three inches deep of legal documents were delivered to each of five named “defendants,” giving them less than 24 hours to find legal counsel and read these documents. The mass of paper was confusing, intimidating and overwhelming to the citizens who have been holding vigil in the park since Kinder Morgan began trying to conduct geophysical testing on public lands, against the express wishes of the City of Burnaby, on constitutionally suspect grounds, and against the wishes of the majority of Burnaby residents.

The US-based corporation has the audacity to claim residents are “trespassing” in the park. Clearly, Kinder Morgan is using the courts to silence opposition, suppress dissent, and deprive Canadian citizens of their constitutional rights. This is Big Oil against the people, in its most raw and offensive form, forcing its project through regardless of local concerns or the average citizen’s wishes.

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Stephen Collis: 604 831 5281

Lynne Quarmby: 778 628 4404

PS. Supporters of the defendants will be gathering at the Supreme Court of B.C. in Vancouver today at 2 PM. (800 Smithe Street). Supporters are asked to keep the tone in the courtroom respectful and calm.

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