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New Trespass Order Targets Ten Year Tent City

Call-Out for Support 7:00 am to 10:00 am on 16 June 2017

by Alliance Against Displacement

New Trespass Order Targets Ten Year Tent City

BREAKING: Ten Year Tent City receives new trespass order from a new property leaseholder as the City circumvents recent Supreme Court decision

What: Press conference
When: 9 am, Friday, June 16th
Where: Ten Year Tent City, just north of 1005 Station Street

UNCEDED COAST SALISH TERRITORIES — Ten Year Tent City has been served with a new trespass notice. Unlike the previous notice which was issued by the City of Vancouver, the owner of the empty lot at 950 Main St., the new notice bears the logo of Lu'ma Native BCH Housing Society and the signature of Marcel Swain, the CEO of Lu'ma. The notice states that the lot has been leased to Lu'ma Society for a term of 60 years starting on June 15th, 2017 and the occupants must vacate by no later than 7 am on Friday, June 16th, 2017.

The leasing of this property to Lu'ma follows a court ruling on May 17th which turned down the City's request for an injunction to remove the camp from the publicly owned lot. The ruling by Judge Sharma supported homeless people's access to safety and security over the City's use of its private property.

The City's sudden move to lease it out to a non-profit organization and the subsequent trespass notice dodges responsibility for the dire housing needs of camp residents as well as the 2,200 people counted as homeless people in Vancouver. It demonstrates the City's determination to circumvent the court ruling, recruiting a non-profit organization who can present as a property owner less beholden to the public good. The City of Vancouver is maneuvering to protect its property rights from homeless people who only seek a safe place to survive the dangers of homelessness.

This is a hateful and irresponsible act from a civic government; the new trespass order violates the human rights of the residents of the camp and the recent ruling of the Supreme Court of BC. We call on the City of Vancouver to take responsibility for the housing crisis they have created, and house all 2,200 homeless people in Vancouver.

We call on supporters to join us on the site tomorrow morning between 7 am- 10 am to be witnesses if the cops move into enforce the trespassing notice. Call Maria at 604 500 2731 for more information.

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