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G20 Defendant Alex Hundert Re-arrested: Supporters denounce ongoing political targeting

by Friends and Allies of Alex Hundert

[Please note this release is regarding G20 defendant Alex Hundert but was not written by, for, or on behalf of Alex Hundert, as per his egregious and unjust bail conditions to not express any political views and no indirect posting to the internet.]

G20 Defendant Alex Hundert Re-arrested; Supporters denounce ongoing political targeting

Court appearance: Mon Oct 25 at 10 am, 2201 Finch AvenueOctober 25, 2010, Toronto, Mississauga New Credit – G20 defendant and community organizer Alex Hundert was arrested again on the morning of Saturday October 23 at his surety’s home. He has been charged with attempting to intimidate a member of the judicial system.

According to Jonah Hundert, Alex’s brother “From what I know, two Crown attorneys are alleging that Alex tried to supposedly intimidate them during a court appearance last week. Anyone that was there knows that this is a completely unfounded allegation”.

This is the third time that Alex has been arrested in the past five months. Despite the outrageous nature of the allegations, he will be kept  incarcerated for at least another month as this goes through the legal system.

“Each arrest is more preposterous than the last. The fact that this latest unbelievable charge is coming from the Crown themselves reveals a clear political bias from the Attorney General’s office to keep Alex in jail at all costs and to criminalize political dissenters,” continues Jonah Hundert.

“I am deeply concerned that Alex Hundert continues to be targeted. This is his third arrest under questionable circumstances,” says Ryan White, a lawyer with The Movement Defence Committee.

According to Rachel Avery, member of AW@L and a music student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo “Alex’s re-arrest is another indication of the state's intent to criminalize movements that challenge the ideologies of capitalism, colonialism, environmental destruction, and oppression. Our movements will not be intimidated; we will continue to organize against the G8 and G20 leaders and their corporate villains that pillage the earth with industrial projects and profit from war.”

Hundert is facing politically-motivated conspiracy and counseling charges in relation to the Toronto G8/G20 protests. He was arrested preemptively at gunpoint on the morning of June 26th and is being targeted as a member of the community group AW@L and Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance.

Hundert was re-arrested on September 17th after speaking at a panel discussion. He remained in jail for almost one month awaiting a hearing, and on October 7 Hundert was unreasonably found to be in breach of his previous no-demonstration bail condition for speaking as an invited panellist at two forums at Ryerson University and Wilfrid-Laurier University.

Just last week Hundert submitted an application to appeal his new set of restrictive bail conditions. The conditions include non-associations with a large number of social justice activists, no direct or indirect posting to the internet; no assisting, planning, or attending any public meeting or march; and no expressing of views on a political issue.

Canadian Labour Congress President Ken Georgetti has called these new set of bail conditions “chilling.” The Canadian Association of Journalists also added their voice to those saying the Ontario Justice of the Peace's bail conditions went too far.

Several other G20 defendants remain behind bars, including Indigenous sovereignty activist Ryan Rainville of the Sackimay Nation. Others remain in jail, punished by the criminal justice system for being poor and unable to afford exorbitant bail, while some face the possibility of deportation as a means of stifling their dissent.


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