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by Friends of Alex

"On this stretch in jail

I write letters to allies

instead of media statements.

This is not a media stunt

it is me living my life.

Message is action.

We are building connections,

a community of resistance.

I am learning to build,

to act,

to live,

to love."

- Alex Hundert, Nov 2010, Toronto West Detention Centre

As many of you know G20 defendant Alex Hundert was arrested for the third time on October 23, 2010 on the charge of intimidating a member of the judicial system. According to his brother Jonah Hundert, “The fact that this latest unbelievable charge is coming from the Crown themselves reveals a clear political bias from the Attorney General’s office to keep Alex in jail at all costs and to criminalize political dissenters."

Since Alex was previously unjustly found to be in breach simply for speaking on a university panel, and the complications of all the legal matters before court, he will likely not be up for a bail hearing until January or even February. That means that since his pre-emptive arrest for so-called conspiracy on June 26th, he will have spent almost six months behind bars. Given the particular targeting of Alex by the police, Crown, and Attorney General’s office and the growing number of outrageous charges he is facing, it is possible that he may not even make bail and he would remain in jail until trial (up to 2 years).

In the meantime, Alex's bail has been revoked, which means he is under no existing bail conditions. So other than those defendants who themselves have a non-association with Alex, you are free to write him a letter and we would encourage you to please do so. Letters can be mailed to the following address:

Alex Hundert

c/o Toronto West Detention Centre

111 Disco Rd

PO Box 4950

Rexdale ON M9W 5L6

This is not just about Alex. Other G20 defendants remain in jail, punished by the criminal (in)justice system for being poor and unable to afford exorbitant bail, while some face the possibility of deportation. We also continue to witness the intensification of repressive state practices and criminalization. Prison budgets are expanding by 27% over the next three years, the government is pushing forward a 3-year extension of the Canadian military's occupation of Afghanistan, the Conservatives are justifying the mandatory detention of asylum-seekers through Bill C-49 while over 400 Tamil migrants remain behind bars, Indigenous Elders and community members were recently arrested at the Nak'azdli blockade for defending their land against the Mount Milligan mining project, and another fatal police shooting has taken the life of an Indigenous man at Driftpile First Nation.

Across the world, police repression is targeting workers, students, and peasants who are rising up against G20 austerity measures and the entrenchment of market solutions to the crises of capitalism and environmental degradation. In a prior statement on Oct 11, Alex stated "The issues which motivated people to organize against the G20 – poverty, migrant justice, Indigenous sovereignty, the environment, militarization, queer liberation, ableism, violence against women, and economic justice – all continue to have tremendous impacts on people’s daily lives. Despite incarceration, my commitment to these struggles is only strengthened, as are our movements."

Free the People, Defend the Land!

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Keep holding on

Brother you are an inspiration!  Keep holding on man!  The injustices placed upon you are terrible but you will make it through brother!  Just keep believing, many of us feel for you and will do everything to make sure true justice is served!  Keep focused on your path man....We are all with you! 

Stay strong man, keep motivating people to go out and speak their mind and find the truth behind all of the lies!


Peace brother!  Fight until the end!

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